phentermine and pregnancy

Just with many other drugs there could be varying levels of effects related to the use of phentermine and pregnancy. Those who buy phentermine online or offline, there have been no clinical trials or effective studs taken on the use of phentermine and its effects on pregnancy. As a result it cannot be stated about the possible side effects on the pregnancy by using this drug. However the usage of phentermine has to deal with certain chemical reactions in the brain which has been causing birth defects and miscarriages during pregnancy. We know that phentermine deals with this chemical in the brain and therefore it should be avoided in every possible way during pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant or are pregnant and want to use this drug, then always make sure to discuss about this drug with the doctor.

The US Food and Drug administration uses a classification system that it gives to every drug that gets approved via it. This is used to determine the level of side effects from a particular drug towards the pregnancy. There have been no effective and efficient studies taking with the animals or pregnant mother’s involving the use of phentermine. As a result the US FDA has categorized this drug as a pregnancy category C drug meaning that its potential side effects have not yet been observed.

There have had been although few problems related to miscarriage and birth defects among the patients who take phentermine. Amphetamines is known as a group of drugs that causes a change in the chemical reactions of the brain and their usage in the past have led to serious birth defects and miscarriages taking place.

Since it is not yet known that the drug has been safe among pregnant ladies, it should still not be taken and always discussed with your doctor even if you want to take this drug. For those pregnant or to become pregnant ladies we do not advise to phentermine 37.5 mg where to buy online because of the serious credibility and reliability issues involved with the online drug trading.

Any personal dosage or usage based upon your own predictions and past judgment should not be taken into account. Nothing is better than a serious discussion with a good doctor that enables you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and phentermine usage.

If you think that you buy phentermine online and may result in possible birth side effects, always consult with your health care provide and get yourself a sonogram also known as an ultrasound. This way the couple and the doctor would know about any serious side effects involved in using this drug and could therefore provide with conclusions and solutions on how to sue it efficiently and effectively. At the end we again say not to buy phentermine online.

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